What is SAW?

SAW photo

SAW (Studio For Arts + Works)

525 Buggy Circle

Carbondale, CO 81623




Designed as a collaborative space for creative professionals and professional creatives, Studio for Arts + Works (SAW) was remodeled from a auto mechanic shop into artist studios and minimalist, industrial-style offices on a modest budget using non-toxic, salvaged and recycled materials wherever possible.

The tenant mix at SAW (potters, painters, jewelers, sculptors, service professionals) showcases our commitment to enhancing the vitality of our community through our work. Though SAW doesn’t have regular hours (as the tenants are working artists and keep their own day-to-day schedules) the SAW gallery space is open to the public upon request and hosts local art events.

Please find us on Facebook, drop us a line, or request to be added to our email list:

6 thoughts on “What is SAW?

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  2. hi, we are looking for studio space to create art, which is mainly pottery and some painting. Do you have room for one more? Thanks, Ron

  3. I am an elementary art teacher in Glenwood Springs. I would like an outdoor sculpture of “art tools” for my school yard. It could be welded, most likely for durability. Is there a sculptor in the Saw that could help with this?

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