Alexandra Malkin

“My work explores art history, surrealism and eclectic themes like ancient alchemy and old engravings, which gives it a spiritual, mystical undertone”.

Alexandra Malkin, affectionately known as Zandar, is an American multidisciplinary artist, art consultant and fashion stylist.

A graduate of the prestigious Sotheby’s Institute of Art where she obtained a Masters in Contemporary Art, Malkin also holds a BS in Design and Merchandising from Drexel University, PA and is a trained metalsmith and ceramic artist. In addition to her artworks Malkin is working on a jewelry and eco loungewear fashion collection, both of which take their creative cue from her surrealist signature and knowledge of art history.

Malkin grew up in New Jersey and began creating and designing from a very early age, the artist spent her lunch breaks in the art studio at high school drawing, creating pottery and designing jewelry which she sold to friends out of her backpack. This inherent creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to work with her hands and not be confined to a desk that has shaped her success in the art, fashion and design world.