Andrea Korber


May 2, 2009:

For the love of wild places…


This month Colby June was kind enough to invite me to add some drawings and paintings to the walls of her incredible  jewelry show.

Opening night May 1st, 2009 was packed.

I heard some sweet chatter about both the jewelry and the paintings.


Thanks so much everyone & congrats Colby!

20% of sales for the month of May will be donated to Wilderness Workshop – a Carbondale based nonprofit.


December 5, 2008:


I’ll be showing some paintings at the SAW December Group Show from the “Depth of Field” series.

Additional work from that series will be shown paired with poetry at Rainy Day Designs – 16 North 4th Street, also during the December first Friday in Carbondale. That’s the invitation – above…

These paintings use a visual language of layering, focus, and blur to create compositions which exist independently of visual references to the world. I used a roller and some printmaking techniques to obscur the way the textures were made.

“Depth of Field” ultimately reflects a world under a microscope. These paintings are caught in a variety of different foci: up close, far away; focused, unfocused; calm, ecstatic. Like a translucent window drape swaying in the breeze or eyes half shut, these paintings are the gossamer sheathes of reality. Sometimes you just have to squint and bear the blurriness to see it.

The poetry paired with the work has been written by Cameron Scott. In this case, the paintings came first, and the poems have been generated with the goal not to make the abstract more concrete, but rather service a deeper understanding of the paintings themselves.

We hope to have some interactive poetry generated right on site – Hope to see you there. – Andi



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