Brian Colley

Brian Colley’s artwork ranges from the contemplative to the imaginative, usually with an undulating current of humor running throughout. His perspective on art and life is to see beyond the superficial, the conventional, and the predictable, to find what is new and inspiring. Brian often asks questions through his art about humanity in relation to society, nature, and the universe.

Brian has worked as an independent artist and illustrator in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2010. He holds a BA in fine art and supplements his time creating paintings, engraved prints, and graphic design. Brian is the Gallery Manager for Carbondale Arts and has been a resident at SAW since 2013. In the spring of 2016, he moved his studio into the space to work on collaborations in printmaking!

Visit Brian’s website at and email him at


_DSC4583 a

Here you can see directly into the soul of this tortured artist.


2 thoughts on “Brian Colley

  1. Brian is a hoot!! And great Artist…. Go to Bonfire Coffee in Carbondale, see some great Art!!!

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