Brian Colley

Brian has worked as an independent artist and illustrator in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2010. He earned a BA in fine art and supplements his time creating paintings, drawings, engraved prints, and graphic design. He’s been a resident at SAW since 2013 and has been the Gallery Manager for Carbondale Arts since 2014.

Brian co-coordinates a public/free/weekly Roaring Fork Drawing Club. He also manages his music career’s solo band “Ukulele Underwhelm”, enjoys learning about all things astronaut+dinosaur, has a mean pickleball serve, and writes artist statements that people may or may not read.



_DSC4583 a

Here you can see directly into the soul of this tortured artist.


2 thoughts on “Brian Colley

  1. Brian is a hoot!! And great Artist…. Go to Bonfire Coffee in Carbondale, see some great Art!!!

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