Brooke Cashion

Brooke Cashion is a clay artist with origins in California and Arizona. She is stimulated and sometimes even distracted by all of the possibilities that clay presents. The complex interaction of the fire, materials and application are invigorating and wondrous for Brooke. She has an appetite for knowledge and feels her BFA from University of the Pacific was just the tip of the iceberg. She is as interested in form as she is in the materials that she works with. Brooke strives to make functional forms that are approachable to users but also that offer a portal to present mindedness and interaction with the pot in the home.

Brooke’s art work is a constant struggle to balance her craving for experimentation and the focus on her forms. Brooke practices her balance at SAW Artist Collective in Carbondale, CO where she has a studio space surrounded by inspiring artist of all mediums.


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