Colby June

Seeds and Wind Earrings

Seeds and Wind Earrings

Colby June Jewelry is inspired by the most minimal and raw forms and textures in nature. Winter and fall are especially inspiring because trees loose their leaves and grasses dry out and you are left with the bare bones of nature. See more jewelry at

One thought on “Colby June

  1. I talked to Mrs. Betty Fulton regarding real estate and discovered your web page. I looks like June is into casting (something I haven’t done yet). It looks like Steven likes doing pottery etc. Both seem to put a lot of thought into your works. I work with silver and custom cabbing from various stones. Presently I am mixing silver ,cabbed stones and faceted stones. I’ll try to send some pictures of my work to see what you think. In the mean time keep up the good work. I appreciate the care you put into your labors.


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