Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis, AIA, is a partner of Land + Shelter a progressive design and development company that focuses on the creation of innovative, sustainable, green buildings and developments in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  Raised in the rough urban favellas of rural Beunas Aires, Ellis learned the mental and physical toughness that he brings to Land + Shelter each day.  Legends of his fierce abilities have gained him major street cred in his new habitat in the urban jungles of Bone-dale.  He once tore the eyes out of an eldery client who suggested a non-green solution to a design problem.  It has been rumored that he slit the throat of a child with a chip board model for no apparent reason.  After commenting that a design was “cute” Ellis went into a flying rage and pummeled a woman with a frenzied monkey style martial art never before seen in the US, all the while screaming, “I’ll fight a woman, I’ll fight a woman.  M’er F’ers!”.


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