Jill Oberman

Visit Jill’s website to see more of her work.

Artist statement

I find it interesting that all people universally establish protective
structures, both architecturally and psychologically. In exploring ways
that people relate to each other through these structures, I am currently
investigating the tension revealed in the spaces between objects.

My most recent work focuses on the elusive space of the horizon; the
contact point where the earth meets the sky, or the sky meets the water.
In my sculptures, I hope to convey a sense that the horizon might also be
the space where there is a convergence between expectation, destiny,
desire, hopelessness, distance, and vision.

J Oberman Bloom

“Bloom” reduction fired stoneware 15 x 24 x 3”

J Oberman In Full Bloom

“In Full Bloom” reduction fired stoneware 37 x 13 x 3”

J Oberman Span

“Span” reduction fired stoneware 36 x 10 x 3”

J Oberman The Pull of Memory

“The Pull of Memory” reduction fired stoneware 22.5 x 14 x 3”




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