Natasha Seedorf

Natasha Seedorf is a blacksmith, jeweler and studio artist at S.A.W. in Carbondale, Colorado. She has shown her work in numerous galleries and museums, including Velvet Da Vinci in San Francisco and The National Ornamental Metals Museum in Tennessee. She is an instructor at the Colorado Mountain College in Aspen and has taught workshops at Anderson Ranch, Penland School of Crafts, Brenau University, and Colorado State University.


GoldSteelEarChand RedBraclet


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natasha seedorf


3 thoughts on “Natasha Seedorf

  1. Hello Natasha,
    Im not sure if you are in town, but Im searching for a local artist who might be able to make me a Saucer Tutu for an upcoming performance. Vanessa Gilbert gave me your name. You and I know each other…. What is a good way to reach you? Thanks. 970 379-2187

  2. Hey there Natasha,

    It’s kiley….from Justice Snow’s… I bought your magnificent necklace at first Fridays at CCAH. Many have been remarking upon it and I tell them all about you. i adore it and wear it to the restuarant all the time. I hope i get to tell you in person soon!

    Warm regards,


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