Rachel Fulfer

Rachel Fulfer is an emerging artist in the Roaring Fork Valley, working primarily with a combination of mixed media, graphic design and screen printing.  She often employs bold colors and shiny objects to draw the viewer into her typically obscure (and sometimes humorous) subject matter.  Her goal in most pieces is to either tell a story or to make the observer think beyond what lies in front of them.

Upon completing her studies at Colorado Mountain College in the area of Graphic Design, Rachel decided to travel, leading her to live on the island of Maui, Hawaii and rural Wyoming (of all places).  Upon her move to her husband’s hometown of Worland, Wyoming, Rachel discovered her love for screen printing at the school of hard knocks.  She learned virtually everything about screen printing though trial and error, blood, sweat and tears (with a little help from Earth, Wind and Fire).

In the summer of 2011, she felt her skills were honed enough to open her first business, LeadBelly Press.  Here she mastered printmaking on textiles.  The business continued to flourish until her husband said; “I had a dream we were back in Aspen, kicking ass”.  And like that, Rachel found herself living in Aspen, juggling jobs before arriving at Live Loud TShirt Company.  There she spent another 2.5 years growing in her knowledge of screen printing, color separations, and art direction.  Within this time, she held her first art exhibit at the Woody Creek Community Center, selling nearly half of her one of a kind prints.

It was at Live Loud where Rachel came into contact with the distinguished Reina Katzenberger of max.ink fame.  Rachel listened to her inner voice and contacted Reina about working together at max.ink/projectshop where they plan to employ various printmaking techniques coupled with graphic and web design.  The best is yet to come…