Shawn O’Connor

It started 20 years ago, when Shawn walked into a warehouse outside Detroit – the metaphorical first steps on his photography career path. He was immediately wowed by the sets made up of Chevy’s cut into pieces, hanging from the studio walls, with big old 8×10 cameras and big old lights surrounding the various sets. It was here, where Shawn knew this was his future. Calling his newfound knowledge as learning from the School of Old School Detroit Photographers, his inspirations included the likes of Guy Morrison, Sudnick and Overhardt, and Peggy Day. Then came Colorado where the Rocky Mountains replaced the Detroit streets. Shawn’s focus shifted to the new landscape of the resort communities, tourism industry and ski towns he now worked within. That move was the key to satisfying the everlasting desire of travel photography, chasing daylight, and photographing properties in stunning backdrops. This is the good life, which brings the best out of him every day and inspires every shot he crafts.