Stanley Bell

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Stanley Bell’s work draws from a range of sources, including pop culture, graffiti, outsider art, illustration, and design.  Drawing upon his urban upbringing and subsequent move to the mountains, Bell’s work intermixes hallucinatory fragments of the urban landscape with the surrounding atmosphere and environment.  More recently, these paintings have taken the form of detailed, colorful, microscopic visions of the energy amidst clouds and buildings, attempting to describe energy physically, graphically, and symbolically.

Stanley Bell was born in 1977 in Dallas, Texas.  His work has been exhibited publicly in the Dallas Museum of Art, the Aspen Art Museum, and collected privately throughout the country.  He is a previous Arts Recognition Winner in the Visual Arts for the National Endowment for Advancement in the Arts.  He currently resides in Carbondale, Colorado.



“One Might Think” Mixed Media on Canvas (24 x 36) 2014


“Leap in a Whirlwind” Mixed Media on Canvas (30×40) 2014




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