March 16…Artist Activation with Brian, Reina & Megan!

March 16 Gallery Activation

Join us Thursday, MARCH 16, for a Gallery Artist Activation 5:00-6:30pm at Carbondale Arts Gallery featuring SAW artists: Brian Colley (painting) + Reina Katzenberger (printmaking & graphic design) + Megan DeNev Wussow (jewelry). Meet the artists, watch their demonstrations and hear them talk about why they make what they make.

The Carbondale Arts Gallery is located at 76 S. 4th Street in Carbondale. Map

The next Artist Activation will be…..MARCH 23! Learn more at:


Images: 1. “Twister” earrings by Megan DeNev Wussow from her “Ten Years in Turquoise” collection, 2023; 2. Reina Katzenberger; 3. Brian Colley; 4. Megan DeNev Wussow.


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