Michael Stevens

michael cb stevens is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Carbondale, CO. He likes texture, but given his media is primarily digital the attempts to engrain texture in his work may seem foolhardy. He likes to write, which he thinks helps his films, and he likes to photograph, which he thinks helps his films, but often he forgets in what order the three happen.
When he is not outside (wishing he was inside) he can be found working and throwing all of his money away into his van. When he is not doing that, he is probably throwing a ball with his dog Harper. When he is not doing any of those things, he is probably on craigslist. Genuinely curious in all media, if you ask him for a hand, he will say yes, but will ask too many questions.
he prefers his name appear all lowercase and his work can be viewed on his website: www.michaelcbstevens.com